Görme Engelliler

Our school prepared an e-magazine.The following writing and some photos were published about our project in it.


Our school  prepared  an e-magazine.The following  writing  and some photos were published about our project in it.


         Our school is at comenius partnership


         Nevzat Karabağ Teacher Training High Sschool  has attended to Comenius Lifelong learning programme which aims to raise quality in school education and develop our school in the dimension of  Europe.


         Comenius programme has aimed at creating knowledge and understanding about European culture and language variability and value between the students and education staff, developing the cooperation, having basic skills and sufficiencies which the students need for their personal developing in the road of  being an active European citizen. The including countries to the projects are 27 European union countries, Norway.


         In the frame work of Project, six teachers from Germany, Ireland and Bulgaria came to our school and took part in various activities within the directory of headmaster, various meeting were hold. A trip was organised to Tortum with the guest teachers. The guest teachers who said they were happy with the trip had a nice time.